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Steam LiBr absorption chiller/heater

Steam LiBr absorption chiller/heater
Product Detailed
Steam-fired LiBr absorption chiller/heater 1.stem fired LiBr type saving 3.environmental friendly

Steam-fired LiBr absorption chiller/heater

Contains and flow diagram:

evaporator, absorber, condenser, low temperature generator, high temperature generator, heat exchanger, heat reclaimer, solution pump and refrigerant pump etc.

Principle of operation:

      Chilled water is cooled in evaporator by low temperature refrigerant which has been decompressed and throttled from condenser, and the refrigerant is turned into vapor after absorbing the heat of chilled water, then is absorbed into absorber where the concentrated solution is turned into dilute solution.

The dilute solution in the absorber is pumped through low temperature heat exchanger, heat reclaimer, high temperature heat changer where the solution temperature goes up, to the high temperature generator at last, where the dilute solution is heated and condensed into medium solution.

      The medium solution flows through high temperature heat exchanger, into low temperature generator where the medium solution is heated by the refrigerant vapor which from high temperature generator and turned into final concentrated solution. The concentrated solution flows through low temperature heat exchanger where the temperature goes down, then into the absorber and is sprayed on the cooling water tubes where it absorbs the refrigerant from evaporator and is turned into dilute solution. On the other hand, the vapor in the high temperature generator produced by heating lithium-bromide solution, floats into low temperature generator where it heats the medium solution and itself is coagulated into refrigerant. Then the refrigerant floats into condenser with refrigerant vapor from low temperature generator and is cooled into refrigerant after being decompressed and throttled in the condenser .After that, the refrigerant flows into evaporator where it is sprayed on the condensed coils, cool the chilled water in the evaporator. Above process circles again and again until chilled water is made.

Environment-friendly product

1,Low operation noise and vibration

2,Conform to national standard of waste emission

3,Realize comprehensive energy utilization

4,Adopts non-Freon refrigerant

5,Adopts non-toxic inhibitor

Running cost low

Design tailed for partial load, the machine realizing high efficient energy saving operation 1,Suits low load operation of 40-80% 2,New speed type PID inverter control system 3,Internal refrigerant self-adjusting cooling storage device 4,Quick heat stat balance circulation technology 5,Vacuum heat insulation layer in upper shell reduces internal heat loss 8%

New bow wave spray Ag-Pd automatic purge device

Purge efficiency goes up by 50%,accuracy up by 60% and vacuum pump start frequency reduces. 1.Bow wave type spiral spray nozzle ( right fig )2.New patented upper/down shell factional pressure gas/steam separator, utilizing lowering pressure de-air technology. 3.Ag-Pd tube automatic exhaust4.Storage room lowering-pressure to enlarge capacity design5.Upper/down shell two purge system

Optimize structural design to raise heat efficiency

1 Adopt new heat exchange tube to strengthen heat transfer and quality transfer affect. Comprehensive heat exchange co-efficient rises by 15%

2 High temperature generator cooling stat generation technology,temperature and concentration down

3 Adopt new counter flow side flow heat exchange in heat exchanger

4 Vacuum heat insulation layer in upper shell reduces internal heat loss

5 Internal refrigerant self-adjusting cooling storage device

Internal refrigerant self-adjusting cooling storage device

Main effect: it may realize load self-adjusting ,cooling storage, shorten start and dilution operation time of the machine, suit much lower cooling water inlet temperature, reduce heat loss in evaporator and prevent cavitation erosion of refrigerant pump.

Quick start , short shutdown time energy saving

Adopt internal self-adjusting cooling saving device, new frequency conversion technology, high temperature generator cooling state generation technology and continuous control of fuel control valve, save start and shutdown energy: saves 40% at start, saves 33% at shutdown.

Four Crystallization Prevention Safety Control

The micro-computer monitors the temperature and concentration of the solution and adjusts solution flow rate and fuel volume, which make solution circulation far from crystallization zone. The crystallization is prevented completely.

High temperature generator cooling stat generation technology: temperature 154°C, concentration 61~62%

Auto-decrystallization technology

High accuracy new control system 1

New speed type PID control, accuracy much higher, can be quick responsive to sudden load change.

Adopt upper/down shell quick pressure parting technology, sue pin throttle and U-Type throttling circuit to accurately control refrigerant flow.

New level control optimizes high temperature generator control.

High accuracy new control system 2

Self-diagnosis Professional Function

Steam LiBr absorption chiller/heater

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